Wearable Business Cards: Tutorial

Not so long ago I made the confession. You don't need business cards from Moo, although they are pretty sweet! I shared a few inexpensive and unique ideas to market and promote your biz including but not limited to buttons, magnets, and temporary tattoos. Well thanks to my pals over at ATOC I have another awesome and upcycled idea to tell you again. WEARABLE BUSINESS CARDS!!

 Now here is Chelle, the mastermind behind the wearable biz card, to tell you how to do it!
You can find more on her blog at Upcycle Your Life on Aisle 3

I don't know about you, but that's never the case with me.  As a shopper, I rarely pick up a business card.  And if I do, it usually ends up in the bottom of my bag because I either 1) never really know where to put it for a quick future reference, or 2) forget to ever look at it or for it again.

After working my butt off prepping for last week's event, I wanted to do something fun and easy with my left over crafty energy.  I came up with an idea to promote my Etsy shop to the weekend's shoppers without having to rely on them to pick up my business card.

Mini Business Card Rings!

Everyone wants a fun freebie, right?  Well, these things went like hotcakes genuine diamond rings, I tell ya.  As soon as shoppers found a size that fit them well, they instantly slid it onto their finger, then ran to tell their friends who came running over for their own.  I am definitely going to make more.  I may do a more unisex print this time, or perhaps make a couple different patterns for shoppers to choose from.

To last weekend's event I brought 98 rings and 98 business cards.  I ran out of rings before lunch on Saturday, and had 62 business cards leftover.  How do you like them apples?

Fabric Stick
8.5" x 11" Scrap of fabric
Scissors (I used a flat rotary slider)
Glue (I used a hot glue gun)

After printing my image on the Fabric Stick and attaching it to the back of my fabric, here's how it all went down:

Cut out the rings

Dab hot glue to the inside of the ring, then fold both ends together

Repeat, and repeat and repeat and repeat and....

Dab hot glue over the seam where the two ends meet

Press the button lightly into the glue so the glue doesn't seep out the holes
  That's it!  Easy huh?


  1. Aww, thanks for posting my tute, I'm glad you like it! For anyone who's planning on making their own, here's a TIP: use thicker fabric (polyester-ish) or something with weight and/or texture, as opposed to light cotton or linen. The thicker fabric will help keep the ring's shape better.

  2. Thanks for sharing this is awesome!

  3. Akamatra, be sure to stop in Aisle 3's blog- so much to discover. Thank you for sharing it 'chell and thanks for coming by Trashn2Tees!

  4. Nice idea, but don't thinks so it will work to attract the people to read what is written inside.

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