Over 50 (Free) Links to Promote Your Biz

When I have a few moments of free time, I like to peek in on the forums over on Etsy (You can find a ton of useful information there!) Rhody had started a resourceful thread full of Free Advertising links and which reminded me about the WAHM Resources thread I had started over on CDN. I pulled up the dusty thread and smooshed the lists together, giving you 60 links to promote your biz!

plumdrop.com (you can add venues such as your shop, blog, website etc.)
etsylush.com ( you can submit one item of yours every 24 hrs)

pinterest.com (You make boards, like treasuries. People like and re-pin items. You name the boards anything you like)

stumbleupon.com (Read help link below. Worth joining)

Squidoo.com (you make lens about a subject, like your shop etc. Ads are put there and you get paid when someone clicks on as ad.
Twitter.com ( you can tweet an item from your shop right on your item page. Do it all day)
Facebook.com (advertise your shop and items)
Craftgawker.com (Does not accept anything from Etsy but submit your blog, which has your shop name in it)

Craigslist.com (go to classified ads for sale and then to crafts)

craftseekers.com (Go to submit a site and add your shop to the free bronze listing)
craftjuice.com (list an item of yours anytime you want)

100craftlinks.com/cgi-bin/ldb/ldb.pl (I get lots of views from here)

gallery.tryhandmade.com/ (Submit your favorite listing)
kaboodle.com (Join and add items from your Etsy shop or website. People can follow you and you follow them)
tumblr.com (Join and add items from your shop. People can follow you and you can follow them)
www.wanelo.com (have to sign in thru facebook)
linkreferral.com (Join and put your site on there)
artchain.com (Where it says Submit Artist Listing, put your shop in)
thefind.com (Go to the bottom where it says submit a site and put your shop or website in)
Ravelry.com (for crocheters or knitters)
thingspeoplemake.com (Sign in using Facebook. Shows your items from your shop)

gumtree.com (UK & Australia) (Post an ad for your shop)

mywebees.com ( this lets you put your shop on facebook but you have to go thru them. Read carefully)

coolmaterial.com/basic-listing-the-black-book/ (This site is focused on marketing to men)

digg.com (search engine)

Now we have more from ValValVoom,

etsyhacks.com/greasemonkey/ (Etsy tools)
myhandmaderegistry.com/ (List your items from your shop or website)
etsywishlist.com/ (Put your Etsy items on)
reddit.com/r/etsy (Put Etsy items on)
craftcult.com/treasury_widget.php (Tools to put Etsy treasuries on your blog, website)
directory.everythingetsy.com/ (List your Etsy shop for free!)
cr8tivity.com/ (Etsy tools)
handmademarketing.org/ (Sell your items here)
artfire.com/modules.php?name=forums&op=view_topic&tid=10816 (Sell your items)
freecraftylinks.com/ (Place an ad for your shop)
bit.ly/ (Track your links)
lookbook.nu/ (Post your own fashion looks)
craftopolis.com/ (Tools for Etsy)

stylishhome.com/Community/fabDesign-Bookmarks (Submit a link)
youtube.com/ (Upload a video about your shop. If you have Windows Movie Maker its very easy)
about.me/ (Put your info in about you and your shop)
linkytools.com/ (Tools for your Blog)

From Clairesparklesbridal

plus.google.com (Like Facebook only better I think. Going to be the next Facebook)
Indiepublic.com (Put info in about your shop)

ecrater.com/ (free online marke tplace to sell on)
blujay.com/index (free online market place to sell on)
bonanza.com (free online market place to sell on)
smashion.com (can sell any fashion items including clothing, accessories, beauty & cosmetic products, and footwear)

From TNTees (hey thats me!!)
www.craftersbuzz.com (links only to your shop, but can advertise single items)
www.thehandmadecafe.com (may ways to promote - ads, forum, blogs, photos, and/or site)
www.unanimouscraft.com (link to shop and update with new listings)
www.kijiji (Canada only)
www.ebayclassifieds.com (US only)
www.freecraftylinks.com (can be your shop and/or individual items. Also has banner exchange and artist of the month. I was selected!)
www.thecraftshopper.com (US only)
www.widgetbox.com (great use for your Etsy feed - shows a photo, title and description of your first 10 listings. Adds you to their directory and lets others post your feed on their site easily.)

The following list of websites can be used to promote your blogs or other websites you run and host yourself. Most require you add a reciprocal link and users can’t add external code to their Etsy sites so they won’t work here.
www.relevantdirectory.ca (Canadian based)
www.relevantdirectory.com (for anyone)
www.gotop100.com/directory/ (exchange banners or run your own)
www.aussiecrafts.com.au (for Australians)

Got one to add? Be sure to comment and let me know- I'm always looking for bootstrap ways to advertise Trashn2Tees, if you have an interesting tactic or venue you'd like to share I'm all ears! Thanks again to all of the great people on the Etsy forums who helped Rhody compile the list- For more information about the importance of backlinks for your business/blog read http://www.webconfs.com/importance-of-backlinks-article-5.php


  1. Thanks for the advice! I posted on 100craftlinks.com and I have already seen a huge increase of traffic to my webpage and blog! I will be checking out the other ones soon. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Kendra for sharing- I hope you've found tons of exposure for your handmade biz!!

  2. Thanks for this, Jenelle! What a treasure trove of links... when I get a few, I'll go through them all ;-)

  3. Awesome Links! Thanks for sharing!

  4. No problem- I'm going to add yours to the list as well! humbleville.com/etsy-carnival/

  5. totally fantastic ! been working on these all morning and have hardly scratched the surface

  6. Thank you so much for this list.


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