Eek! I've been zombified! Fresh Off the Scissors

I wanted to have a little fun before the Halloween holiday, most times you won't see me creating very many holiday theme tees (unless they're custom orders of course!) That is because I want your TrashN2Tees to be worn more than once or twice a year- I hope that they're lived in, heck sleep in it! Slop spagettios and spill wine, play in the mud- that is what you do with your favorite tee afterall! I figured zombie hands could be considered appropriate for year round wearage! The applique is sewn on to a distressed XL Gap tee-

The holiday shopping season seems to have already begun here at TrashN2Tees, and my custom order spots are filling up fast- Last night I had to push back our delivery completion time frame to 5 weeks! That is partially to do to the fact that I'll be out of the studio for a complete week (Oct 14) Whose bright idea was it to vacation in the middle of shopping season??

Fresh off the Scissors:
So now I'm interested, what is your favorite tee? Does it have special meaning to you, if so- why?


  1. I think if anything zombie shirts are good year round. ;)

  2. Nice! I just did a post on the flint zombie walk and happened to stumble on this post at the same time, haha. Happy Halloween!

  3. Wish we could wear our Halloween shirt from last year! I still think about it. :)

  4. Heather- I think zombies are a go all year long too!

    I'll have to come by and check out the flint zombie walk Aisle 3.

    Courtney... I could always cut it up and re-sew it on a larger tee (hehe)


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