I (kinda) survived Regretsy.

My advice: Laugh it off and don't worry about it. The shop has been getting a ton of exposure this week due to two (eeeep!) front page collections featuring TNTees from my great teammates and a rather unflattering source as well. Regretsy! Yep, you read right- someone took time out of their day to recognize my designs... wasn't that sweet?

I had noticed some traffic coming in from the Regretsy forums and was eager to read what caused a buzz, I registered and got to the thread to find someone poking fun at my ornaments. My feelings were hurt at first, sure, but as I read along some people popped in saying they actually liked my items. (whew!) I stewed around on it a little while and decided to just let the thread rest- the people who were picking fun at my shop and its items had obviously not taken the time to find out what TrashN2Tees is all about. Their loss. The thread wasn't very active but a few days later (yesterday) I noticed some more activity- this time the their negativity was hovering over the orange/black tshirt shard earrings that were featured in a different front page treasury.

Critiques and criticism in any form can be tough to swallow, but I promise there is always something you can learn from it. This is only a mere run in with Regretsy, unfortunately it was only in the forums. (ha!) I would've really loved the benefit of some backlinks to a site with a score of 5 on Pagerank! However I do want to extend a warm thanks for the 105 views you sent my way!

Just in case you find yourself on Regretsy too, here is A Guide to Surviving Regretsy.  I can't write this post without taking the time to thank my friends on The Treasury Tree team for their encouragement and support and Jen at Babee Crafts for writing this amazing blog post that really captures what Trashn2Tees is really about.


  1. Yes, I would say you survived it.. and rather well, might I add! Good for you for your positive attitude!! :)

  2. Your creativity is amazing Jenelle! Regretsy is totally not worth your time in worrying about :) Great job!

  3. I'm just going to echo Kristin and Tamara here, but you are too talented, creative, and imaginative to worry about a site like Regretsy. Just know that the exposure has seemed to have done more good than harm!


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