Handmade Holiday Handpicked Gift Guide: For the Boys

Welcome to my first Handmade Holiday Handpicked Gift Guide- I'll be posting a few themed gift guides through the holiday chock full of my favorite shops and items- all things I would actually give or love to receive! First up gifts for the boys- 1. Wooden Catapult Toy from WoodToyShop 2. Squishy Cups from Rising Sun Earthworks 3. Old School Nature Blocks from MonkeysOnTheRoof 4. Set of 2 Rocky The Zombie Pirate Tees from rockythezombie 5. Knitted Giraffe Hat Pattern from ROFLhatfactory 6. Pedal Pushers Bison Booties from bisongirl 7. Aaron the Holiday Stag from Milk Noir Toys 
8. Boys Pants Pattern from  FuddieDuddies 
My boys in their very own Rocky The Zombie tees!

Lovin' the natural blocks? My DIY tutorial is coming this week and you can make your own!  What other fun items did you find from these great shops?
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  1. Spread the word! Buy handmade from actual people this year! I challenge you! (That's right.. YOU..person who is reading this!)

  2. The catapult sold! I wonder if it was one of my readers? Haha Thanks for pimping handmade Jessi! You rock! Ranon- <3


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