Handmade Holiday Handpicked Gift Guide: For the Girls

I don't often get the chance to shop for girls- I had a blast though scouring the handmade world for fruity and frilly finds... who am I kidding? I can't do frilly! 8 handmade gifts that I would actually give and love to receive! You can check out the Gift Guide for Boys here and you can always check out my favorite items on etsy or follow along on pinterest.

1. Toddler Fox Dress from wildthingsdresses 2. Wood Toy Sewing Machine from SSWOODCRAFT
3. Felt Pinwheel Clip from OrdinaryMommy 4. DIY Wooden Doll Kit from goosegreaseundone 5. Gingerbread Christmas Cookies from applenamos 6. Mermaid Waldorf Doll from Bright Life Toys 7. Typography Playroom Art from Wallfry 8. Ribbon Bracelet from DaisyChains

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