What's next you ask?

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This week I actually gave myself permission to relax. I've been non stop master mind planning, hustling, making, and doing. After the Create Change App Kickstarter was unsuccessfully funded- I automatically went into this warped damage control mode. I knew- I wasn't about to give up... but felt like I needed to have a calculated response when asked, "What's next?"

Were people really wanting a direct plan of action or just the satisfaction knowing that I wasn't prepared to give in so easily? I'm going to guess the latter. I received so much positive feedback, notes of encouragement, and support through out the campaign and especially afterwards- it was (and still is) in-cred-ible. Thank you!

My focus shifted from developing the app directly to hosting the Create Change Pledge Event on November 15th. This is a call to action for people all around the globe to take a virtual pledge and reuse 1 item for 1 day- realizing the impact we have on the environment. I will be inviting amazing eco bloggers and DIY'ers to join in and share a fantastic upcycled idea. Please feel free to recommend someone who might want to join the movement (yourself included!)

I wanted to have a sample prototype app together in time for our November event- and then once again try our hand at raising the funds for development. I met with Sean, from MM Tech Designs (the development/designer I've been working with), to hash out the details last Friday. Here's how the conversation played out.

Me:  Here's what I think we need to do to successfully raise the funds to develop the app. (Divulged lengthy detailed plan) 
Sean: I don't think we need to do that.
Me: Uhm? What do you mean... no moolah no app. 
Sean: My business partner and I discussed it and we're going to cover the costs.
Me: (speechless)  
Sean: You still there?

So there you have it- my crazy ginormously exciting news. The Create Change App, is funded! Like holy wow right? It's been hard letting it sink in, hard for me to accept such generosity. To have someone(s) willing to sacrifice their time, money, genius and join me in the ultimate goal of creating change in the world is entirely humbling. Never give up, no matter what- only seems appropriate right?

It's easy to get discouraged and disappointed, to walk away. But to really succeed you must keep trying- has there ever been a time in your life when it would've been easier to give up than go on? I would love to hear about it & how the experience helped you grow- share in the comments below.


  1. I was just coming to your blog to see "what's next" exactly as you put it. I'm so excited to hear that Sean & his co are funding the app costs for you! Can't wait to download it!



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