Are you consumed by your business or passion?

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I've said it before, balance is bs. But what happens when your business takes over your life and your harmony gets out of sync? I have been utterly consumed with my business. Whether it’s thinking about new designs, pitching outlets, the app, new blog post, networking, product ideas, developing a team, planning events, plotting tutorials, collaborations, shop stats, branding, shipping, sewing, sourcing. I’m completely consumed. I’m obsessed. I think about it all day long. I even dream about it.

Realizing I needed to slow down, came by way of my 6 year old and a smart-alack comment to the tune of, "all you ever do is work on TrashN2Tees" Ouch. Topped with "I'm going to hide your sewing machine!" and a hand drawn picture of a sewing machine with a red x note slipped under my door. Double ouch. Have I been neglecting my family? Later that same evening, consumed with guilt and a glass of wine I sat down and revisited my super conditions. What does a successful biz/home life look like to me? When I'm in my zone- My business consumes me, but so does my family. They feed off of each other. It was time to re-adjust.

My family always comes first. They inspire everything I do. I am able nurture their curiosity, forage adventures, and provide for them because of my business. My vision and determination to change the way we consume and create, is for their future. The difference is simple: doing things for them is not the same as doing things with them.

Corbett Barr reassures me. He says,
If you’re absolutely, completely and fully committed to making your dream happen, you need to... Let yourself become consumed. Don’t feel bad about thinking about your dream every hour of every day. It takes that kind of focus to make big things happen.
The thing is, can you be consumed by 2 passions at once? I believe so, as long as you can stay balanced. As your business grows, your family grows- your system must be evolutionized. Tell me: Are you consumed by your business or other passion right now? Do you feel like it drives your success or suffocates you in other areas of your life?


  1. Great call out! I think we all tend to become consumed with our passions. My girls share your sons feelings but I love the direct approach with the sewing machine sketch. That would have maybe called for 2 glass night for me. Keep plugging along you are doing great things and I am sure you will find balance!

  2. Howdy Heather!
    There've been a lot of transitions going on here, especially for the little guys. Between moving, starting school, and Nick switching shifts... so I really tried not to take it to heart (too much.) With that being said, I certainly internalized it and started trying to figure out a routine that works for all of us. Hopefully things will settle in smoothly once we move. (fingers crossed)

  3. Not easy is a delicate dance to be sure. And super hero capes are needed. Sometimes I do just what you are doing...I rethink and regroup....And just walk away from the business and toward the kitchen, yard, and sofa. xo

    1. I know you get it Colleen! I certainly don't feel like my business suffocates other aspects of my life- I feel like having that passion & drive makes most of us better humanoids (which makes for better cape wearing mamas!) It's certainly a thin line though- being consumed to the point that you start to miss out on other opportunities (which brings us full circle back to my #OMHG post eh? )


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