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Creative or not, you'll want to tell you're friends that you can now submit your own tutorials to be featured in the Create Change App. Visit and fill out a submission form! I'll be curating the raddest content so please be make sure you include not only a unique & well written how to but also great photographs. There's lots of buzz (*cough* like the mention in Inc Magazine) and I get emails every day wanting to know when the apps ready to launch... I promise we're getting close!

If you're on Instagram you know what's the dillyo. But if you're not- guess what? Right now as I sit here typing, 10 woman around the world are testing out my patterns!!! Are you ready to create change? These downloadable PDF patterns are calling you to action to reuse & repurpose old tees.
There's something that has been pestering me for a while... my website. Or lack there of. I've had the domain or web address forever now. If you've been following my journey for a while now you'll know that single address has lead you to 1. My original wordpress cart, 2. My Etsy Shop, 3. My blog (right here), and then 4. Back to my Etsy Shop (About Page actually)

It's like a warp of the sisterhood of the traveling pants, I don't know. None of them feel right for me. Because to me, TrashN2Tees is more than just another Etsy shop, it's more than just a blog- and I've been feeling really self conscious about it. (Does that seem silly?) Especially when sharing my brand with companies like Pellon and Lee but also when I pitch to Toms, Parents Magazine, or anywhere else. I mulled over my options, went back and forth on getting a bad ass fancy pants custom site... and here is what I've settled on. Click it---->


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