So that happened...

Taking a prompt from one of my all time favorite people, Alexandra Franzen... and paired with the fact that I've been a little lackadaisical about blogging to tell you what's been happening. Trust me there's blog content spewing out everyday around here- whether its my undertaking of an avant garde fashion show competition (which uh ended up looking more like Leave It To Beaver's mom style) or that I shared a beer earlier this week with Colleen Attara and Yuka Yonda. Psst... Are we connected on Instagram? That's where I share all the juicy pictures. You can follow via computer as well- ( 
Colleen and me (Hiii!)
Dismantled mens windbreaker to skirt = zero on the avant garde scale
So yeah... that happened.

Today I found out that I've been impersonated on Twitter
This is me. 
This is NOT me.
Peachy right? Who does that??? Who. 

I made some stuff. (surprise)

Gift for a friend & first time using those gem thingys! 
Refashioned a mens shirt- to this. Like it?
 Sew Beastly featured TrashN2Tees in her Valentines Day round up. There's still time to pick up something for your sweetheart- and if you need inspiration Citlalli's post is a must read! 

Ooh and The DIYU: School for Crafting Misfits logo is finished- We'll be kicking off that blog series in March with a slew of ultra rad guests. Each week they'll share basic DIY skills, concepts, and tools of the trade with a project that you can try yourself. How to's for sewing, wood working, embroidery and jewelry making are in the works and all forms of creating are welcome. I'm hoping to empower you with crafting superpowers and inspire everyone change the way we create + consume. We'll round up the series with a jackpot giveaway complete with goodies so you can show off all those fancy new skills. I mentioned it starts March 1st didn't I? 

Valentines Day is next week, directly followed up by my day of birth- Feb.15th Hooray! If you haven't already- better get started on your Lego Man Love Tshirt. You can find the pattern right here for free. 

I've got a few other goodies up my sleeves, but totally curious to know- what's up with you? Finish this sentence in the comments below: So that happened...


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