Are you making a difference: How do I tell?

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Creative activism, parenting, philanthropy, volunteering, teaching, lobbying, petitions, boycotts- making a difference comes in many forms. We're working to make the world around us a better place. Wondering what type of change maker you are? Take the quiz on Story of Stuff.  (post a comment below I'm extremely curious to know you're results) 

We all want to know that our efforts are in fact creating a positive change. But how can you tell? Today I'm sharing some tips on Story of Mum. Please drop by and find out How Do You Measure Making a Difference? and don't forget to share it with your change maker friends too!

And in case your wondering, that quiz says I'm a Communicator.
Communicators like you tell the stories and share information that build our power, bring us closer together and closer to a better future. Here’s how:

  • Using your creativity and expression to share knowledge in compelling and accessible ways, whether through art, film, oratory, music, online or innumerable other ways.
  • Reminding people about all the ways we’re connected.
  • Spreading news, information and ideas to other Changemaker Personalities.


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