Sam's Nerf Wars Birthday Party

It seems like each year these birthday parties grow and have become their own DIY extravagant event. My mom keeps asking me why I feel like I need to "go all out" every year (twice a year) because growing up I only had parties every 5 years. (5y/10y/etc) Celebrating, planning, and hosting parties for the boys and their friends is really a lot of fun for me... even when I procrastinate and stress- it's still fun! Most of the parties are pulled off on a budget and include lots of do it yourself crafts and games. We've hosted May the 4th Be With You Star Wars Birthday Party, Lego Ninjago: Green Ninja Birthday Party, Lumberjack Party, Comic Book Super Hero Birthday Party, Buzz Light Year Birthday Party, Jake and The Neverland Pirates DIY Birthday Party and a Hot Rod Birthday Party. Truth be told, I think that they would have a Star Wars themed birthday every year if I actually let them.

Turning 9 this December- Sam and I decided on a Nerf Wars. I found some great ideas on Pinterest- you'll find my favorites on the We Celebrate board. 
I crafted Nerf Bullet garland and lots of targets that were hung throughout the house. We also tacked up large scale 'bad guy' posters hidden around corners and nooks. When you came in the front door you were greeted by a bread rack converted into an ammo supply booth. I used some of my trade show display to rig up a gun hanger that held 6 big guns while the smaller hand held ones were placed in a metal basket. There were enough protective eye glasses, guns, and bullets for all of the kids & even some of the adults got involved. I was able to pick up 6 Nerf guns for $2 or less each at our local thrift shop. I purchased a package of 75 Nerf Elite bullets at Target on sale for $16 and they fit all of the guns we had (Nerf and imitation ones too)  We also asked our guests to bring their own guns if they had one. 
 Our party favors doubled as a craft we did during the party- using shrinky dinks to customize dog tags.
I'm still finding Nerf darts throughout the house and we're certainly prepared for any large scale battles erupt in our hood this summer.


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