Cameo Portrait Pillow DIY for Mother's Day

Cameo Pillow Cover DIY Gift for Mother's Day

 Have you ever struggled to come up with a quick and easy to make gift- that actually means something? I'm a firm believer that you can't go wrong with a thoughtful and sentimental gift. Usually for Mother's Day I get a candle... this year I'm took it upon myself to make and gift myself something I'll cherish for years to come. (Gotta do whatcha gotta do right?) Today on We All Sew I'm sharing a tutorial to create a cameo portrait pillow from a photograph. There are no special fabric cutting machines or software needed to design, cut out, and sew a stunning throw pillow- and if you purchase a pre-made pillow cover this entire project can be done in under an hour. 

Have you ever gifted yourself something on Mother's Day? Leave a comment and tell me what your ideal day looks like & how you hope to spend it. And if you need a 'not-so-subtle' way to tell your significant other what you want click the tweet button below and add @yourhubbystwitterhandle!
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  1. I love this pillow! It is gorgeous and I just might give it a try myself.


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