#Tips2Sew: Using the Automatic Threader on Sewing Machine

Every Tuesday I share a tip or sewing related trick on Instagram. They're geared toward everyone from sewing enthusiasts to some one who is just learning how to sew- you can find all of them by searching #tips2sew and don't miss out on any more by following @TrashN2Tees

This week I posted a mini video demonstrating how to thread your machine needle using BERNINA's automatic threader. A few of my readers had mentioned they had trouble using the threader mechanism and I could completely relate. For the first few months of having my 350PE I couldn't for the life of me figure out the needle threader. I had asked a few different people to show me how to use it- when I went to Aurora, Illinois to visit the corporate HQ I even looked around to make sure no one was watching me when I threaded my machine. Turns out, I was over thinking it all along.

If you watch the video and find you're still having trouble threading the machine with it's automatic threader: first check to ensure that the needle itself is all the way in the upright position.

image credit: sew review 
Next slowly push down on mechanism and watch as the arm swings around- carefully take notice to see if a tiny wire pokes through the needle eye. This wire is what grabs a hold of your thread and pulls it through. If you've repeatedly accidentally abused the needle threader the wire can become misshapen and will need to be replaced.


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