Monday, April 20, 2015

What'll It Be Tee? Gnome Applique Design

Last week I asked- what'll be? And let the people of IG decide the fate for this bitty tee. I always love sharing in the design process and most often for me that comes along in the form of customer collaborations. I shared a few of my favorites in a blog post not long ago. I love hearing your ideas and this one didn't disappoint. A gnome wearing a gnome t-shirt.

I might've mention he really reminds me of Jerry Garcia. The little gnome guy on the tee- is just over an inch tall. Talk about some teeny tiny cutting action!? You'll find this shirt and more in the shop and ready to ship For more information about placing a custom design order you can email me directly at Jenelle at TrashN2Tees dot com or visit the website for details!

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