The Avengers Bake Shop: Tips for Making Oreo Pops

Bake Shop Birthday Treat

I'm gearing up with party prep for T's upcoming Avengers Bake Shop birthday- happening this Saturday! This morning I made these confetti oreo pops. Now for the disclaimer: I generally outsource any and all baking or cooking when possible. But- come on, how hard can it be to cover an oreo with chocolate & dip them in sprinkles?

Well... here's a few things I picked up along the way. Taste tested truth: you can't tell the difference between OREO's and the fake ones at the grocery. With our party is just a few days away, I wanted to make sure the cookies weren't going to stale between now and then. I learned that oreo pops, stored in an air tight container at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit can be kept fresh for up to 4 weeks. Great news, if you're hoping to make enough to feed an army.

I was able to make 16 pops using 3oz Wilton Rainbow Nonpareils, Wilton White Chocolate Candy Dips and a package of store brand oreos. I ran out of the rainbow sprinkles but still have plenty cookies and white chocolate left over. I was adding sprinkles to both the front and back sides of the pops- you could also cover only 1 side to double the bounty. 

Tip: Open oreo cookie, place stick in frosting at least half way. Top with a dab of melted chocolate. Put cookie back together.

In the beginning I had trouble with the cookie staying on the stick as I added the weight of chocolate. By adding the chocolate to the center of the cookie it helped hold the cookie together.

Check back tomorrow for more party DIYs and details! 


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