Fresh off the Scissors

Stylish moms can rock TrashN2Tees Tshirt Teething Bling Bangles. This lighweight bangle can be used as a baby safe teether on the run, or wet and freeze for cool soothing gums, completely machine washable and baby safe.

So many discarded tshirts find their way into my lair and are shredded into tshirt yarn. Their journey from there wrapped around my fingers (around and around and around again) Measuring 8 inches around and 1 inch wide and they're completely machine washable. Light weight and comfortable to wear- Make a statement wearing one or stacking several. Mulitple colors available: Choose from Purple, Pink, or Black.


  1. I have made little braided t-shirt dolls in the past that I thought about marketing as teething dolls, but never got around to it. Babies love to chew on shirts, so why not let them :)

  2. Theres no better time that now Tina <3 Wishing you the best-


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