Stop and Play in the Rain

I mentioned earlier last week that things around here have been little hectic. I was starting to feel a creatively zapped and with my first festival and Preparation H still looming- I almost felt like I was being sucked into a Twilight Zone portal. If you've ever experienced a creative rut, I'm sure you can commiserate... it's almost like you can feel it creeping up. As the rain pecked my windows and my internet connection kaput- I took it as a sign. I need to stop and play in the rain for a change. 
 Sounds simple doesn't it? Often times I find myself preoccupied with "grown up things" and miss some of the opportunities that help keep me grounded. The boys and I had a whole lot of fun dancing in the rain and sloshing through the mud, but here's a little secret: I would've done it alone too! I've always heard that saying- some of the best things are free. They certainly are. The next time your feeling overwhelmed, under the weather, pressured, frazzled, and crazy- go play in the rain.
they certainly are.


  1. All three of my kids plus a friend were out in torrential rain the other evening having a whale of a time!! Their boots are still soaking wet inside today.

    Nothing like jumping around in puddles!

  2. I couldn't agree more- Glad they all had a blast!


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