What is going on around here?

Well, shooowie! July is giving me gray hairs. It sort of feels like I'm running in 39 directions and yet standing still in the same place. Does this ever happen to you?

Yono Promotions & Productions Summers End Fashion Show is July 31st, in Louisville, KY. I'll be sending along 3 shirts/outfits- A special addition to one of the outfits will be a custom made tutu by Dragonfly Gifts . Not only will my designs be featured on the runway but there is also a photo shoot with Jackie Espin Photography and included photos will be published in a book of boutique fashions! Needless to say I'm finishing up my package and sending it out this week.

I'm still working on some ideas for my first ever show/event which is just 3 weeks away- (:panic:) Mostly trying to get stock made between custom orders that are shipping but I've been tinkering around w/ display ideas, too! I found these abandoned crib pieces with a FREE sign! Here is a glimpse at just one of my ideas for them. Open to suggestions. I'd really love to hear any ideas you might have.
Be sure to check out TerraMade's Flash Sale this Thursday at Noon CST on her Facebook Page . You might find some TrashN2Tees thrown in the mix along with some other fantastic buys from your favorite WAHMS. (work at home moms)

You may have noticed that the www.trashn2tees.com website has been undergoing some changes. Thanks so much for your patience with this. I spent much of the day yesterday testing out a new wordpress theme for Riotcart. Doing this helps Ashley (RC Owner and Customer Service Extraordinaire) to get a better idea of how a vendor can incorporate some of the different aspects into their own shops- and allows me to get an inside peek at some new functions that will be able to enhance your shopping shopping experience w/ TrashN2Tees. I have set the www.trashn2tees.com site up to give you ultimate access to all the things that TNT has to offer- from this one location you are able to shop TNTees on Etsy (without leaving the site), view blog posts, find tutorials, learn more about how this all got started, get product details, drop me a line using an easy peasy contact form, and ShopNow. allows you to check out using CC or Paypal without a membership anywhere!

 I have a sink full of dishes staring me down, a custom monster truck on the table, a crib piece laying in my front yard waiting to be painted, laundry to take off the clothes line, and dinner to be made- but instead I'm going to hop off here and cuddle with the boys on the couch for a few moments. Relishing in those moments always allow me to catch my breath and stay grounded.


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