Stuffed Sweater Seat

 Scrapage was beginning to overtake the studio and my 'stuffing' pile was ripe for the picking. I haven't had much time lately to make any dolls or animals so I decided to go ahead and make one BIG seat bag. 
 The sweater was huge- XXXL or bigger I believe! I removed the arms at the seams and then made 2 more cuts. Sewing the top of the sweater together, I then cut an additional circle from one of the sleeves (large enough to cover and help reinforce my bottom seam - where all 4 meet) Flipping the bag over - the bottom seam of the sweater now becomes the top of the bag. Inside the stuffed sweater seat are scrap tshirts and other materials- neck lines, thread, and some fleece remnants. I decided to weave a coordinating vintage tie (remember my 50 lbs of ties?) and tied it off with a windsor knot. I happen to have curious boys- so I sewed that baby shut as well.
Doll made with scraps (for my niece)


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