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Just in time for Easter basket stuffing- check out these sweet vintage button earrings. I have a slew of trendy pastel color combinations ready to ship but they can be made to order in your custom color ways. (As long as your color way includes navy blue, black, tan, white, baby blue, hunter green, or seafoam green!)

These buttons have a little history to them. Through connections I have made by sharing the importance of clothing/textile recycling, I had the opportunity to rummage through and salvage the contents of a once very successful industrial uniform dry cleaning business which was located in Paris, Kentucky. The business had been closed since the late 1990's. The buttons used may have been taken off uniforms or used to repair/replace broken ones. The owner had intended on renting a dumpster and hauling everything to the landfill. Luckily my name was passed on and I was able to collect and donate a ton of items that were still usable.

You can get yourself a pair in the shop now @


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