Top 30 Reasons I Should Go To SPARK

30. Wait!? There will be margaritas right?

29. A good excuse to buy 1. new shoes 2. a new pretty journal

28. I'd love for Dyana Valentine to dream about me... or for me.

27. Wanted: Friendship & Community

26. Oprah Winfrey says I should go to Spark. If she thinks so it MUST  be true. 

25. I need to think & climb outside of outside the box.

24. I haven't had a roommate since college.

23. I think creative play is cool, actually, I know it is. 

22. But, but, but, mom!  Dyana , Alexandria , Deanna, and Tania are all going to be there. And I wanna go too! 

21. My sewing machine needs a break. 

20. Not only will I benefit but I will share the inspiration, tips, and lessons I learn at the retreat with my peers- creating mini sparks everywhere! 

19. My kids want me to go. 

18. I'm starting to feel stale, like a crouton. 

17. Jumping up & down at the chance to connect and network with like minded (awesome) ladies going through the same things as I am. (& if not I want to hear their stories too) 

16. I want the truth- The plain, old, slap in your face truth. The truth about me and my flaws. The truth about my good & bad. But also the truth about everyone else.

15. My absence will make my hubby finally realize how much I actually do at home! 

14. I want to recharge & respark my inner fire. 

13. I gave myself permission to go, and mean it.  

12. Getting uninterrupted sleep will recharge my batteries.  

11. When is the last time I was unplugged?  

10. Jessika from Oh My Handmade Goodness will be there, I tweet with her at least 3x a week- wouldn't it be nice to finally meet?  

9. I'm beginning to noticed worry lines around my eyes and forehead.

8. In 6+ years I've never had Girls Night Out, or even a date night with my hubby!

7. Peace & quiet

6. I want newness. New places, people, and new expectations of myself.

5. I see tshirts in my sleep.

4. I've never been to New Mexico.

3. I'm currently letting fear stop me from professional growth (hello! new revelation) Still unsure if its a fear of failure or success. 

2. My screen saver looks like this: 
Hacienda Dona Andrea.
1. I can be better. (at everything!)

Wondering what the heck all this Spark business is about? Spark, the Creative Entrepreneur Retreat is happening in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico from May 3-7, 2012 at the GORGEOUS Hacienda Dona Andrea. With superstar headliners & amazing workshops =geared towards reigniting our personal and business creative fires once again. See... now you know why I must be there! Lucky for me they are giving away ONE scholarship and I'm going to do my darndest to win it.

How many of these 30 reasons could apply to you? 


  1. I <3 your reasons!! I hope you get to go because if you do you'll meet me!! :D


  2. Congratulations!
    My favourite reason: "I'm starting to feel stale, like a crouton." : )
    (I like it because I completely get it.)
    I signed up yesterday--see you there!

  3. I am really excited to join you wonderful ladies in Santa Fe! It's going to be amazing. Thank you both for your support and see you soon!


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