Your Serger Supply Kit

You know the old adage, there's the right tool for every job. That absolutely applies when it comes into play when having a positive relationship with your serger or overlocker.

Break Down The Essentials for Serger Supply Kit

Machine manual
Small scissors
Fray Check
4 Cones of Thread (More on thread soon!)
Large Tweezers (Buy a quality long pair with a crooked neck- nothing more frustrating than a crummy pair of tweezers when you need them)
Lint Brush (Sergers make a mess! Upgrade your lint brush with more bristles to machine coverage like this one)
Wonder Clips (not pins! Never pins! A 10ct box will get you started)
Tapestry Needle
Needle Threader
Clover Stiletto
Universal Needles No. 70-90
Ball Point Needles 130/705
Choice Marking Tools (Chalk, tailors wax, a pen- I keep one of each)
Seam Ripper (Love love love my seam ripper from Havel's Sewing)
Edge Guide
Cone Nets
Stitch Guide

Some of the items you'll find were included with your machine purchase others are not. The accessories provided with your machine will depend on your make/model. I keep a separate serger supply kit from my other sewing notions. I'm fortunate that my serger (a BERNINA L450) comes with a small plastic case (sort of like a eye glass box) but my kit outgrew that size and I'm currently using a pretty tupperware box to keep things together. It includes all of the items listed here plus a small print out of stitch settings, sample swatches, odd decorative yarns in various weights, small squares of batting (I keep these for machine maintenance) and 4 mini screw drivers. Let's be clear, I do not need 4 mini screw drivers.

Do you have a serger kit? What type of products or tools do you keep inside? Get social and share a photo of your serger kit, serger, or ask a question using #LOVEYOURSERGER on Instagram. 


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  2. Can you recommend good long tweezers? I currently own that "crummy" pair you spoke of. Also, thanks for this series of posts! I recently received a 30 year old hand-me-down serger. I cleaned it up and it runs great, but I have yet to use it for anything other than seams.

    1. Oh those crummy ones! They can be so kind of frustrating can't they? My favorites are BERNINA branded and came along with my serger. I did a quick search on Brewer Sewing and they look a whole lot like Nifty Notions Swiss Style Tweezers.


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