Patching Knees With Your Sewing Machine

You can easily repair the knee of your jeans with your sewing machine, I'll show you how! There are always pants to repair being a mom of 2 boys- and often enough I'll patch them using needle and thread stitching by hand. That's time-consuming. Not to mention these kids are growing so fast I feel like every time I patch a pair of pants they outgrow them 2 weeks later. It's some mean trick.

Today I grabbed a pair of my own favorite jeans that have been thinning in the knees for some time now. The holes had gotten large enough that they needed some serious work. Instead of mending them by hand I opted for a quicker route. (No one here is surprised, right?)

Using my seam ripper I picked the stitches on the outside seam of my pants enough to allow me to fit my pants under my sewing machine needle. I didn't seam rip the entire leg. I used a bit of sulky spray to tack down patches on the backside before mending.

I'm not quite finished with them yet, I feel they still need a little something extra... maybe hand embellishments. Maybe a bit of AMH fabric. I'm not sure. What do you think? I hope those of you who were snowed in today had a bit of sewing to finish or start too!


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