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Welcome to all of you who are reading the TrashN2Tees blog for the first time. I am honored and thrilled to have you join me as we round out the final day of this fantastic BERNINA Ambassador Blog Tour. I'm imaging you found your way here after reading about Kari Carr and how she fell in love with a BERNINA sewing machine more than 35 years ago. Perhaps you were cozied up reading Diane Doran's account of her beautiful dresses her mother made he when she was young- and how magical sewing is. Maybe you even imagined yourself on an archeological dig uncovering quilt inspiration with my dear friend Mandy Leins. Whatever path has brought you here, thank you.

The universe sends us the greatest gifts- and being a part of the BERNINA family has truly been one of them. I am lucky to work alongside and learn from some of the most talented men and women in this industry. I've shared intimately what it means to me to be a brand ambassador for BERNINA.  While that original post was written more than 2 years ago- it is still true today.
Me and my two boys
Legacy is a word I won't use lightly. It's a powerful word that to me represents something far long-standing than our physical time here on earth. The personal stories we share, in the quilts and clothing we make, in the skills we teach; they are our legacy.

America Recycles Day Event at Frenchtown Elementary School 2016
Unlike Diane whose mother taught her to sew when she was young, I did not get to experience that magic until early adulthood. Teaching myself along the way. Often times I look around to my peers who've been sewing for so long and wish that I, too, would've experienced that freedom in those formative years. While I relish and trust in the timing because I fully appreciate the power, confidence, and achievement these skills and challenges offer.

Sewing has provided me with a concrete path of action, how I have chosen to make a difference in the world. For me, I've used sewing as way to empower and inspire communities around the world to reimagine textile waste taking it beyond refashioning your wardrobe to opening up your eyes to the devastating toll of fast fashion, consumption, and helping create (read: sew!)  measurable, practical solutions we can utilize in our own homes. This journey started as a small home business for me as a line of funky, fun, whimsical applique designs I sold under my brand TrashN2Tees. The designs were (and still are today) all original hand cut designs from discarded clothing. This is called upcycling (or downcycling depending on who you ask!)

Today, my business has evolved to include nationwide textile recycling, the development of recycled fabrics. published author, designing patterns, workshops, and classes that promote sustainable sewing or empower students to explore new techniques and find their passion. Partner this with the opportunity of working with the innovative precision and high quality that BERNINA is renowned for (in addition to their environmental commitments)- I doubt there could be a better fit for me.

A few of my favorite classes include:
Reignite Your Passion (Lecture) where I ask "How do we replenish that creative fire that has been smothered by years of doubt, fears, and neglect?" Together we'll discover 5 techniques that will help you spark your passion and get you back to creating the work you love. If you like this read: How Do You Measure Making a Difference? 
Serger Stitches for Eco Home: Linen Monogram Laundry Bag // Pennington Quilts 2016
Serger Stitches for An Eco Home Create a beautiful, healthy, and sustainable home that reflects who you are, no matter how small your budget or space. From veggie keep sacks to reimagining waste- discover the many ways a serger can maximize your eco-impact and impress your friends. Join Jenelle for a comprehensive guide to serger stitches for an eco home learn how to create a blind overlock hem, basic cover stitch, and how to create a blanket stitch with a serger while creating projects that save time, money, and energy. If you like this read: How Your Serger ACTUALLY Works or Inserting Zippers with Your Serger Tutorial

A Modern T-shirt Quilt
Step away from the traditional boxed & sashed t-shirt quilts we've been accustomed to. Choose between the Modern T-shirt Knits quilt or Ida's Garden raw edge applique made with Jenelle's line of Eco-Knit fabrics. This is a comprehensive class that explores the value in choosing the proper supplies and executing the best techniques for a gorgeous everyday throw using jersey knit materials. If you like this read: A Modern Twist on The T-shirt Quilt or Memories of a T-shirt Quilt 

Visit the shop to grab a copy of my latest book! 
If you're interested in seeing more of my offerings or scheduling an event don't hesitate to visit this page for a comprehensive list or email me directly at I still have some dates available for 2017.

I hope you've enjoyed your time here on the TrashN2Tees blog, I would love for you to stick around and tell me a bit about you. I'm always curious to know how you learned to sew and what amazing journeys has it brought you way. Tell me in the comments below!

Catch up with the amazing artisans that I call friends and family:

Monday March 20
Lynn Carson Harris
Kelly Ashton
Diane Doran
Melody Crust
Tuesday March 21
Kathy Delaney
Christa Watson
Mandy Leins
Wednesday March 22
Sandy Fitzpatrick
Beth Ferrier
Cheryl Sleboda
Thursday March 23
Annie Smith
Lori Kennedy
Kari Carr
Catherine Redford
Friday March 24
Joanne Sharpe
Cherry Guidry
Jenelle Montilone


  1. Awesome job on using tees...I never would have thought to use them for appliques. I have been quilting for many years and became interested in sewing by watching my grandmother sew. I was happy to have a class in school and loved it. I received my first machine for a birthday present and made many clothes. One day I saw a magazine with quilts and knew I had to make one...and then another...and I never looked back...I was hooked. I enjoy reading blogs, watching videos, reading magazines and books. Now I am looking at free motion quilting and know I will love it. I am a follower of Lori Kennedy where I found out about the tour. She has a great blog and new book teaching free motion quilting. I have enjoyed the blog tour and all of the inspiration. Meeting the Bernina Ambassadors was so fun. Thank you for sharing your sure get a lot done.


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