This Week: Down in the Denim

There are several things influencing my maker mind this week. Not only have I received a VIP Copy of Blair Stocker's new book: Wise Craft Quilts, thinking about The Wasted Swap, and I'm also in the middle of spring cleaning. Not your regular type of spring cleaning, this is a beefed up version of it; as we are preparing (hoping) to relocate back to Kentucky later this year.

Over time I've accumulated loads of discarded clothing (no one is surprised) whether they're donated to me directly at an event, dropped off, or things I've squirrelled away for another day. I imagine it's similar to buying fabric. Imagine a wild and out of control fabric stash with all of your dream prints. Now- imagine that as a pile of laundry. You're getting close. I can't move all of this stuff.

The point of this all, was to mention the cool denim friendship bracelet (pillow or quilt to be decided) I started working on. Pictured above. And the fact that I have a large tote full of denim that's too heavy to move- so something needs to be made from it! Also what I'm working on.

I've only had a moment to flip through Blair's book- but I promise to follow up with you on all the great projects and hope to try one or two out! What are you working on this week?


  1. Oh man, you're moving! What a bummer! Try to visit us at a CJMQG meeting if you can before you go.

  2. I have a ox of denim in the basement I forgot about. I need to get it upstairs with the rest of my fabric!


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