The Wasted Swap: Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day is just around the corner and you know how I love to call our community to action. This year I thought it would be so much fun to host an unconventional & reuse sewing exchange! You're invited to join the fun. Participants are encouraged to push past their traditional fabric choices and look at "waste" materials in a new way- repurposing and reimaging items we might throw away.

Sign Ups Open 3/9 and will remain open until 3/16 or 50 spots are filled (whichever comes first) When full I will remove the sign up link from this post.

Update: Thank you for the incredible amount of interest and support of this swap. I hope to do another round in the future- if you're interested in participating please follow @JMontilone on Instagram or subscribe to my TrashN2Tees Briefs newsletter for updates. 

By opting in and participating in The Wasted Swap you are agreeing to make one reusable zipper bag OR reusable tote using reclaimed materials. This includes and is in no way limited to harvesting fabrics and elements of design from disassembling clothing, upholstery, leather, shoes, etc, creating or creating your own fabric from plastic. I completely encourage you to kick it up a notch and really try to use unconventional materials. Think: CD's, tooth picks, monopoly money, tubes. According to the Environmental Protection Agency; 70% of the items in our landfills today can be recycled or reused. Together we're shedding light on this important issue while encouraging others to seek creative alternatives.

Partners will be paired at random and notifications will be sent out shortly after 3/16. Packages must be post marked by April 22! That's Earth Day! Shipping is not always cheap so please reference this great post for tips on  keeping your shipping charges down.

Shoulder Pad Pouches //Erin Considine

What to include in your package: 
-A reusable tote bag -OR- reusable zipper pouch made from upcycled or reimagined material
-Notecard or postcard from your hometown

-Your contact details (email, return address, IG handle) so your partner can thank you when their package arrives.
-Extras? Sure, if you like. I often send a couple of crafty things or a fat quarter or two. Optional! Would be extra great if they're eco friendly too!?

Connect with all of the amazing Wasted Swap participants on Instagram (which seems to be the most active swap community!) Share sneak peeks, fabric choices, work in progress, and packages using hashtag #TheWastedSwap. Don't miss out on updates and giveaways be sure you're also connected with me there @jmontilone. Find inspiration in copy of my book, The Upcycled T-shirt, or by visiting The Wasted Swap Pinterest Board for free patterns and inspiration!

I'm excited to meet you & see all how you're inspired to change the way we consume and create together! Please be sure to let me know if you have any questions and don't forget to share with your friends! Space is limited. Happy Earth Day!


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