Weekly Inspiration: The Wasted Swap

Last week we kicked off the first official "Wasted Swap" I'm still surprised and humbled by the great response. This upcycled and/or conventional sewing challenge is my call to action to the sewing community urging creatives to seek innovative ways to reduce our waste for Earth Day! Last year, I toured the state visiting elementary schools exploring the effects of textile waste while teaching them fun and practical ways they can easily upcycle (without sewing!) We even set out to break a work record for the largest ball of t-shirt yarn!

This week's inspiration is focusing on texture & materials you can opt to use for any of your sewing projects. Beyond upcycling bed sheets, vintage linens, and clothing. You can find some unique ideas and tutorials on The Wasted Swap Pinterest Board. I, myself, have been tinkering with some ideas that tickle my brain cutting up latex gloves to create a scaled material. It's been moved to the back burner for now but maybe I'll revisit it again soon.

If you're not sure where to find unconventional materials or fabrics to repurpose in your own designs I have the perfect post for you. Find a Creative Reuse Center near you! A creative reuse center, if you've never been to one- is like the motherload honey hole for anyone who loves to craft, repurpose, or upcycle. The materials aren't limited to just 'trash' though. Each location has its own flavor but you'll find something you want to bring home at each one- or drop off! These locations also collect craft supplies, signage, textiles, industrial and architectural pieces, educational materials, toys, and more. You'll save on disposal costs, contribute to the community, and help divert tons of materials “too good to throw away” from landfill each year! What are you waiting for?! Here's a growing list of Creative Reuse Centers in the United States and around the World! 

If you're playing along and/or participating in #TheWastedSwap: what are finding to be your biggest challenges so far?


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