14 Creative Ways to Reuse and Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs

A few years ago I crafted up a fancy diddy that included 10 Ways to Reuse Your Easter Eggs, this year I figured it was time to revisit that post & up the ante. Today I'm sharing some truly unique ideas for fun and creative ways you can upcycle all of those vibrant egglings. I can't even image the insane number of plastic eggs that enter our waste stream (anyone have some figures?) Join the movement to change the way we consume and create today with these DIY ideas.

1. Host a tea party! Creativity in Progress blog shares this sweet tutorial that'll transform your egg-dom into a princess's kingdom.
2. Try a Dinosaur Excavation hunt eggs for a fun project and you can reuse your coffee for this project too!
 3. Give those little bitty small parts to board games (like Monopoly pieces: shoe, horse, etc.) a new egg home. Keeps them from getting lost. 
4. Pack around thread and a needle in one for a travel sewing kit.

5. Build your own zoo. Spoonful shows us how with DIY deets to make oinkers, dogs, skunks and more. 
6. Noise makers/Rattles- Fill w/ beans, rice, or sand and glue or tape the egg shut. Or both.
7. Stuff with potpourri and use as an air freshener. Either puncture holes in eggs or use eggs that already have small holes. 
8. Try felted Easter eggs.
9. Bake cupcakes... er make cupcakes rather complete with frosting! Another creative tutorial from Creativity in Progress.
10. Store craft beads snaps, buttons, or ribbon. Keep organized by color.
11. Keep necklaces from getting tangled by placing one in an egg. Great for travel! 
12. Donate to organization that hosts community hunts.

13. Make tulips! Use scissors + pipe cleaner for instant garden.
14. Learn! Here are 7 learning activities that use plastic eggs!

Do you have a clever way you like to reuse your plastic eggs? Share your projects and ideas using hashtag #createchange & I'll reshare. @TrashN2Tees on Twitter and Instagram 

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