DIYU: How to Spin Yarn

Today is a treat! I'm so happy to welcome Paty from Paty's Loveys to our final week of the DIY University series. Be sure to check out the amazing tutorials teaching you how to stencil, embroider, sew on paper, and even arrange flowers- and the best sites to learn new craft skills (plus so much more!) Despite the fact that I can't knit up a stitch and very rarely crochet I'm often drooling over her amazing scrappy yarn. I really enjoyed seeing how the fibers are spun and am so grateful to learn this amazing process. I hope you are too.

I was asked to make a tutorial on how to use handspun remainder. I will explain as best as I can. First when I spin singles, I always leave a few inches unspun on both ends , beginning and end.

Here on the bobbin on the far right you can see some remainder. You can see I have transfered on the bobbin on the left as I went to free my bobbins.

This is how both ends look.

You spin as you normally would to this.

Since the rest is already spun I set my wheel to only take up so no more spin goes into it or at least as little as possible. This is now my whole bobbin.

I wanted to n-ply so only kept enough for 1 bobbin. If you want to do regular 2 and 3 ply then you'd accumulate 2 or 3 bobbins worth. You can see the final result, a scrappy n-ply.

Hope I was of some help. Feel free to contact me for questions.

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I hope you're enjoying the DIYU: School for Crafting Misfits series, if you'd like to learn something new that hasn't been covered please do not hesitate to leave a little note or drop an email anytime to contact (at!) trashn2tees dot com. I encourage you to check out the amazing collection of DIY skills we've covered so far and continue to join us all month long. You can find them all on the blog side bar: Archives/March 2013 (Can you believe March is almost over?!!?!) Did I mention we're celebrating university graduation with a great supplies giveaway? More details on that later this week.


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