DIYU: Flower Arrangement Tips

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I love the vibrant colors and that touch of class a simple arrangement can bring to any room in the house. The sun has been hiding being gray clouds for days now, and I'm ravishingly trying to shake these doldrums of winter- I picked up a few bundles of $2 flowers from the local grocery and it seemed to do the trick. Want a little tip? Look for the freshest bunch.  Avoid any flowers that are fully open. Look out for slimy stems, brown leaves, or wilting petals.

Now I'm certainly no expert on flowers, gardening, or keeping any type of plant alive. Honestly I'd be lost without Google or Martha Stewart. My flowers are still alive 8 days later... and that's saying something. Here are some of my favorite tips for arranging cut flowers and an awesome video where Kim Foren, floral designer extraordinaire of Geranium Lake shares her tips & promises no more weird yoga pose arrangements!

1. Think outside the vase. 
Who says your gorgeous arrangement should be limited to a vase? Get creative and try reusing different containers like placing flowers in a mason jar, wall mounted wine bottles, ceramic bowl or even a teacup!

Photo by Alice G. Patterson for The Sweetest Occasion

2. Grid & Go
To make your life easier, place tape in a grid, across the top of your bowl, vase or jar. This is especially important if you're working with a wide-mouthed bowl or vase because the flowers will have a tendency to fall over otherwise. Here's a great DIY Floral Centerpiece on The Sweetest Occasion.

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3. Snip & Tap 
To keep your flowers really healthy, snip the bottom of each stem at a 45-degree angle but before placing it in your vase tap the bouquet several times on a hard surface (counter top) This step allows the flowers to absorb the most water possible. And, if you really want to make your arrangement last, cut the stems every few days.

When it comes to arranging flowers, much like most forms of crafting- there is no right or wrong way. Enjoy the process and be sure to experiment with textures and colors. Do you have any green thumbing flower tips to share?


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