DIYU: Washi Tape Birthday Card

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If you hang out on crafty blogs, you've probably heard of washi tape. And if you haven't heard of it, we promise to love you anyway! Basically, washi tape is a decorative masking tape... but better. If you'd like to read more about washi tape and its origin and uses, you can read more here.

Washi tape is a nice entry into the crafting world - it's pretty, affordable and easy to use. You can make simple things pretty and pretty things prettier. Personally, I like using it for paper craft projects like cards - making a card with washi tape way easier than running out to the store to buy one for every celebration.Today, we're going to make a simple but lovely washi tape birthday card with a matching envelope.
Materials:Washi TapeBlank Card & EnvelopeParchment / Waxed PaperScissors 
Optional:Sharpie Ultra Fine Tip Marker
First, we'll make the card - the design is a pile of 3 presents tied up with a bow.

1. Cut 3 strips of wide washi tape - approximate lengths 1 1/2", 2 3/8", 3 1/4", On the front of the blank card, stick the 3 strips of tape, going from smallest to largest.

2. Add a piece of washi tape in a different design across the

3 strips from top to bottom.3. To make the bow, you will need 5 pieces of tape. One square piece, two strips approx 1" long, and two strips approx 1.5" long. You will then need to cut each piece into the shapes seen in the image above - this can be done freehand or stick the tape pieces to a piece of parchment / waxed paper for easier cutting. Cut the square into a circle or oval - this will become the centre of the bow. Cut the 1" pieces into triangular shapes and round the wide end of the triangle with your scissors - these will become the bow. Cut the 1.5" pieces into long triangular pieces and cut a notch into the wide end of the triangle - these will become the ribbon ends. Refer to the image above for guidance.

4. Once all the pieces are cut, you can assemble your bow. You want to the bow to sit centred above the top "present". First, stick down the two "ribbon" pieces as per the image above. Then the two "bow" pieces - lay these so that their small ends meet in the middle and they run straight along the topmost tape strip. Finally, place your circular piece of tape in the centre.

 If desired, you can add another strip of tape with a birthday message. I find that Ultra Fine Sharpies are the best for writing on washi tape. If your blank card is textured (like mine), place the tape strip on a piece of parchment/waxed paper, write your message then remove and stick to your card. Otherwise, your lettering will look a little funny (like mine) thanks to the uneven surface.When making a handmade card, it's fun to add a little something extra - like a decorated envelope. Especially when you're sending a card in the mail, pretty envelopes are so much fun to receive! So we're going to try another washi tape technique and add some balloons to our envelope.

1. Place strips of washi tape onto parchment/waxed paper. If using wide washi tape, you will only need one strip. If using standard width (approx 5/8"), you will need to use several strips of tape - when you place them on the paper, ensure they overlap slightly.

2. Cut balloon shapes from tape. They are basically oval but with a pointed end.

3. If desired, you can cut one and then use it as a template for your additional balloons. If you're feeling brave, just freehand them all!

4. Carefully peel the tape from the paper backing. If you have made your shape from several strips of tape, peel from the bottom/first strip. If you peel from the top/last strip, you will take apart the shape.

5. Stick your balloon shapes to the envelope.

6. Grab a marker or pen and add in some strings.

For the final finishing touch, don't forget to add a strip of washi tape to the back of your envelope.

 And that's it! A pretty handmade card that's sure to impress. Join me over on my blog, Omiyage Blogs, for another washi tape card project. It's great for creating a specific shape out of washi tape when you aren't the best drawer or all this talk of freehand cutting has made you nervous.Have you ever used washi tape? I'd love to hear about what you use it for in the comments!

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