DIY University is in Session! (almost)

I'm super stoked to have you join us for DIY University: School for Crafting Misfits! Welcome- pull of chair and let's play.

It seems like everyday I meet someone who says something like,
 "Oh! I'd love to make that but I'm not creative." 
"I don't know how to sew."
"I'm just not crafty."
"I would love to learn how to (insert: knit, crochet, paint, craft)"

You are, and you can! Whether you've got a few craft fails under your belt already (don't we all?!) or maybe you've already mastered a few and are looking to gain some more crafting creds- we'll be covering basic DIY skills all month long with a slew of ah-mazing special guests. We'll give you the low down on those fancy tools, share basic techniques, walk you through doing it yourself, and before you know you'll be (creating) with the best of them. Got a question? Want to share a great tip? Don't hesitate to the strike up a conversation in comments below! I promise you'll walk away with crafting superpowers and want you to join me in the movement to change the way we consume and create. We'll be rounding up the month long party with a
jackpot giveaway complete with goodies so they show off all your new fancy skills.

See you Monday!


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