Reuse your Pantyhose, Nylons, Stockings. (whatever you call them)

Recapping from last weeks Reuse Challenge: We've already covered 20+ Reuses for your Coffee Grinds and slumped some glass bottles with DeDa Studios. Lets talk about ways you can repurpose your pantyhose even if your not planning on robbing a bank!

Some of you took the time to share with me what you would do with them. Julie says that she uses them inside her wool balls and Alisha shared that her mom always used nylons to hang her onions!

Nylon is created from a process using coal as a major component. The production of nylon is both water and energy intensive. Once these items have outlived their main purpose (usually in a relatively short time) they'll be sticking around with us for many years because nylon is non-biodegradable. It takes approximately 30 - 40 years for nylon fabrics to decompose.
Whatever the reason you deem your stockings unwearable, unfashionable, unusable- I hope we can help you to reuse them and keep them out of the landfill longer!

  • fill it with kitty litter: use as draft dodger by door way
  • wear them outdoors (prevent chigger and insect bites)
  • photography effects: muted or starburst effects (be creative!!)
  • smell good sachet
  • cheap soap on a rope- or cheapski soap on a rope: fill w/ your left over soap nuggets and use them up completely before they slip down the drain
  • cut the tops off and use as a large rubber band (who doesnt need one of these- the possibilities are endless!)
  • use to polish furniture
  • stuffing for craft projects or pin cushion 
  • dry seeds from vegetables 
  • tie back plants/shrubs 
  • make a dog toy by plaiting several pairs together 
  • strain stuff
  • cut and roll into balls, add hot glue to loose ends- giant bouncy ball! 
  • organize and store wrapping paper 1/leg 
step by step instructions for pantyhose petals


  1. Great uses! I've also cut up colored pantyhose that had a run in it and made a floppy flower for the front of an upcycled blouse. Here's a picture:

  2. Great ideas - now that I have a virtual day job and don't have to get dressed up to go to work, I may just use some of them. ;-)

  3. I read somewhere where you could use a pair of pantyhose to replace a broken fanbelt on your car.
    Imagine your stuck on the side of the road..smoke rising from under the hood..stranded? helpless? not YOU! You whip off the pantyhose, pop open the hood, tie the belt, and off you go without breaking a nail! Superwoman strikes again.....

  4. They're actually great conversation starters if you wear one pulled down over your head/face to a dinner party.


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