From Tshirt to Pillow

a Chez Larsson Tutorial

Cute pillow, huh?
It started it's life as a $3 souvenir T-shirt from a street vendor i New York. It didn't get much use, Wille is not a print t-shirt kind of guy. He does like a cushy pillow to rest his head on while watching TV in bed though.
Here's the how-to. Wille's T-shirt is a men's size x-small so I chose a 30x30 cm / 12"x12" pillow insert for it.
To make sure it would fit I laid the T-shirt over the pillow and tested.
Then I turned the T-shirt inside out and put the pillow inside and pinned along the sides. After I removed the pillow I continued pinning straight down towards the bottom and sewed it using a small zig zag stitch on the machine. This prevents the stretchy T-shirt fabric from puckering up and making the whole thing go all wavy on you!
I trimmed the edges with scissors...
... and turned the T-shirt right side out again...
...placed the pillow insert inside...
...and simply folded the overhanging bit in at the back of the pillow. Because the materials are cotton they don't glide and they sort of stick to each other making it stay put.


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