The possibilites of Dryer Lint

I just cleaned out my dryer lint, and I've been wondering for a while now if it could be composted or recycled some how. I even experimented with an attempt a molding lint and needle felting. I was unsuccessful at producing anything picture worthy, and I should mention all I know about needle felting I learned from google. Ah yes crafty experiment! While I was there I picked up a few other creative ideas for dryer lint. Who'da thunk? 

1. Make clay out of it for the kids.
You’ll need three cups of the stuff, torn into small piece. Put it into a saucepan with two cups of water. Stir in a cup of flour – gradually! Continue stirring slowly over low heat as you add 3-5 drops of vegetable oil. Once it’s smooth and sticking together nicely, you can pour it onto wax paper to cool.
I need to harvest more lint before I can make clay.
  2. Make paper mache.
Take the same mix of water and dryer lint as in the clay recipe, but add two-thirds of a cup of flour this time. Cook over medium heat, continuously stirring. You know it’s done when you can form peaks with the spoon. Pour on wax paper to cool.
  3. Add it to homemade paper.
If you’re into making paper at home out of your recycled shredding and other papers, you can add dryer lint to give it a nice linen-like feel.
 4. Line planters with it.
To keep soil and water inside a planter, line it with dryer lint before adding the soil and plant.
 5. Make fire starters
Because dryer lint is so flammable, it makes a great fire starter for campers. Pack it into toilet paper rolls for a starter that can burn completely, or just add it to your kindling box.
 6. Mulch/compost
If your lint comes entirely from natural fibers, you can add it to your compost or used as mulch around plants to help keep moisture in.
7. Spin it
(like wool) into thread and use it to knit or crochet something fantabulous. Here's a great little video introducing the spinning process.

lint bears by bettyraecase on etsy
I'd love to hear what you think about the possibilities of lint- Will you be cooking lint up on your stove? Do you currently reuse lint? I'd love to know.


  1. I now have toilet paper rolls on my dryer... waiting for lint!!! ;)

  2. I'll Deff Give the Clay a Whirl, will Let You Kno the OutCome!!!

  3. I use lint and burned down candles ( just the wax) and have fabulous scented fire starters!! Amy in Indiana


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