Half Moon Road Designs Giveaway!

Shop name - Halfmoonroad
Your name – Doreen Kulich

Whats Greater Than Arithmetic? by halfmoonroad
How did you get started/learn your craft? 
I taught myself how to solder, first with a soldering iron, then with a torch. Subsequently I ended up with about 40 pendants! I signed up for a local craft fair and eventually that road lead me to Etsy. My goal this summer is to learn to solder silver. 

Upcycled Copper with Green Sea Glass by halfmoonroad
 Where do you find inspiration? 
Mostly from the trinkets and treasures I find. I’ve always collected “stuff” - from sea glass, tree bark, and bottle caps, to vintage charm bracelets. I love things that have history- old, worn, things that make you wonder who owned them and how did they end up on this flea market table. I’m inspired to give these treasures a second chance. I’m also inspired by the astounding talent of the artists on Etsy. Not a single day goes by that I don’t feel privileged to be a part of the Etsy community.

Describe yourself in 3 words. Inquisitive, resourceful, creative

If someone were to interview you for a news article what would the headline be? “WOMAN FROM NEW YORK PETITIONS THE SUPREME COURT FOR MORE HOURS IN THE DAY” Let’s make it an even 30, 24 hours is never, ever enough time! 

How did you feel when you made your first sale? Pure jubilation.

How do you love the earth? 
License plate belt buckle by halfmoonroad
Most of the items I sell are made from recycled or upcycled materials. I get such satisfaction when I take something like a piece of electrical wire that had been on the workroom shelf for years and an earring that was missing its mate and combine them to create a bracelet. Two pieces of potential trash have become a unique bracelet. I reuse whatever I can, not only in my creative life but in my regular life too. Mayo jars become vases or storage or even lemonade glasses. Newspaper becomes garden mulch or packing material. Used tea bags get frozen for soothing eye soaks. We also have a vegetable garden and fruit trees. Once in awhile the squirrels will be considerate enough to leave us a few apples. We’ve never had a chance to taste more than a couple of the peaches or pears, but the chubby squirrels are happy. 
 Where can we find you? 

Share two of your favorite Etsy shops. Experimetal- I feel connected to her work. It feels to me like we’re on the same creative path, but she’s miles and miles ahead of me.
Justplainsimple- Her work is a reminder of what can be accomplished with patience and skill. Damn, can that girl work a saw!
Mandatory entry: Visit Half Moon Road Designs on Etsy and tell me which is your favorite item! 
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  1. You want me to pick a favorite!?!
    I cant!!!!
    I really like all the bracelets, and all the owls, the skateboard necklaces are great and the licenceplate beltbuckles are so cool, my oldest would totally wear one.
    Thanks for the giveaway :D

  2. I'm a fan on FB of Half Moon Road

  3. and I follow here


  4. This is amazing jewelry. I love it all!!!

  5. Love all the bobby pins and this bracelet is awesome Copper Bracelet Upcycled Bird Nest Bangle Smokey Blue Pearl

  6. fan on fb.. n follow on trashn2tees!

  7. I followed TrashNtoTees on Twitter; I had already "liked"Trashin2tess on facebook; my favorite item is the "4" belt buckle at this link:
    and I've "liked" Half Moon Road designs. So I guess that makes 4 entries woohoo!!!!!!

    This owl is Gorgeous!

  8. i am a follower of trashn2tees via fb, phone and blogging.. a fb fan of half moon road..and I HAVE TO HAVE THIS OWL NECKLACE....LOVE IT!

  9. I love the cuff bracelets! Thank you for the giveaway!

  10. Of course I like TrashN2Tees on FB!

  11. My favorite has the be the #4 belt buckle
    it's my LUCKY number and who doesn't LOVE upcycled treasures!

  12. I "like" Half Moon Road Designs on FB!

  13. AND I HEART you on ETSY! I love your tag line:
    Recycle Revise React

  14. I follow the TrashN2Tees blog!

  15. And I already "liked" you on FB- so that probably doesn't count as an entry- but I will post your giveaway on my FB site:

  16. It's not the most expensive piece in your shop but it means the most to me. Your 303 area code pendant. I met my husband of 18 yrs in Denver, Colorado and although we move all over (we are now in Florida) I always long for the mountains of Colorado (not the snow though) :) I could look at it and remember....

    Like Half Moon Road Designs on Facebook
    Heart Half Moon Road on Etsy
    Like Trashn2tees on Facebook
    Follow the Trashn2Tees.blog.
    Follow Trashn2Tees on Twitter
    tweeted too!
    ~DID ALL OF THESE SO THAT'S the Max! 8 entries!

    Would absolutely LOVE this! Thank you!

  17. This is the only way I can think to prove blogging your link and twittering your link:
    MadiAdiLove Madi Adi

  18. love the bobby pin trio blue ice although all of it is wonderful! thanks for the chance to win.

  19. i like trashntotees on fb!

  20. i like half moon road on fb as well :)

  21. i follow trashntotee's blog :)

  22. i follow trashn2tees on twitter :)

  23. i tweeted about this giveaway on twitter, cheers!
    tinaoglesby2 tina oglesby
    great giveaway on now at http://trashn2tees.blogspot.com/2011/04/half-moon-road-designs-giveaway.html#comment-form


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