Brown Paper Bag Envelopes: DIY and a Coupon!

 I've got this stack of brown paper bags, sometimes I dont bring enough reusable bags to the store (sometimes I completely forget) so I have a small collection of brown paper bags. I always opt for paper instead of plastic. I use the bags to make envelopes (duh thats what we're talking about here) but we also use them for finger painting and other art projects around the house.

 Start with your bag. Cut along the creases to give you 2 larger (front/back) slabs of paper along with 2 narrow (sides) slabs.
 This is what it should look like after you've cut out the sides. Cut along the bottom to give you (3) additional pieces.
 Heres a big side slab that we're about to transform into an eco envelope.
 Fold the slab leaving approx. 1.5 inches on one side which will later be taped down to seal the envelope.
 Cut along the dotted lines. (What? Your envelope bag didnt come with dotted lines?) Eh- Lets say about 1.5 inches in. Theres no wrong way to craft. If you want to cut it 3.4 inches have at it!
 Does your slab look like this now? It should.
 Follow the instructions provided in the picture. Let dry.
 And there you have your repurposed brown paper bag envelope. Using the basic design you can create custom size envelopes to fit your needs.

terbearco on etsy
terbear collectibles on Etsy offers some great recycling themed stamps like this one that says, "Reuse, Reduce, Recycle I use recycle packaging" They're extending a 10% discount to all of my Earth Day Webbernet readers using code: trashn2tees

All my packages go out dawned with a handwritten recycled box card and tshirt bow- I think that the presentation of your package says a lot about your style and your business. As a buyer, what type of packaging has really stood out in your experience? Sellers, do you add a personal touch to your buyers experience- how? I'd love to hear from you-


  1. I love this! I tend to use my daughters art work (with her permission) to wrap boxes for shipping. Most people really get a kick out of it. I also add in a little handmade, recycled note card (usually a granola bar box with a calendar picture glued onto it).

  2. I love the idea of using artwork Tina! My kitchen cabinets are plastered with handmade art along w/ framed artwork through out the house. I'm running out of room to showcase the boys creations.

  3. What a great tutorial! I'm definitely saving this one. I love the idea of the artwork on it too! Thanks Jenelle!

  4. Great idea. I'm a sucker for anything made with brown "kraft" paper.

  5. Ha!!
    It just hit me what you wrote on the bag....I say that to myself at least 1x a day...usually when I'm looking for something that I swear was RIGHT THERE!! The recycling mantra.
    Too funny.

  6. This is a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.


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