Recycling on the Run

I'm kicking off this webbernet on the road, I assure you that wasn't the plan. I figured I would be sitting at home twiddling my thumbs the whole month of April and would have plenty of time to whip up some upcycled goodies to post each day. Hmm. I guess that won't be happening this week.  It's tough enough leaving behind my scissors and sewing machine, but I'm up for the challenge of repurposing on the run.

So, lets talk about snack transportation! CD Cases make a practical and geeky way to keep your yummy tuna salad bagel from getting squashed. But don't stop there, turn it upside down and fill it w/ those multicolored goldfish crackers, cookies, and even meatballs!

Just a quicky today- what else could you use this case for?


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