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I thought this would be a great follow up to yesterdays challenge-  Be check out that post and leave your comments to tell me how your reusing glass in your home! The ladies from Deda Studios have an interesting approach to glass. Find out more and have some fun playing along. 

Shop Name:  DeDa Studios
Your Name:  Debbie Lamb & Dawn Wallace
Specialty:  Fused Glass & Smelly Jellies
How did you get started?
We are a SAHM mother and daughter team.  I am De ........I have always had a passion for glass.  Stained glass then fused.  I took 2 short fused workshops - basically I am self taught.     Da - My daughter started making Smelly Jellies as a way to scent her home in a safe green way. She has three small children and Dozie her dog.

Where do you get all the bottles?
I get my bottles from local businesses, friends, family, and even customers at art shows bring me bottles they have collected. No one I know throws away any glass...they all save it for me.  Some-days I just walk through the grocery store looking at everything that comes in glass to find a different bottle.
For the story behind these bottles click the picture!

Do you have a favorite glass? 
I prefer Bullseye Glass 90 COE from Oregon. 
Whats your favorite product?
I love to make glass...my favorite product would be anything new. I love to open the kiln and she what a new adventure made.  
Where do you find inspiration?
I find my inspiration from life. "Life is Good" everyday is a new wonder when I open the kilns.  Glass I make is never the same! Always something different.
If someone were to interview you for a news article, what would your headline be?  
Glass Lady & Smelly Jellie Girl  Inspire the World to Be Green!
How do you love the earth? 
 recycle  - art from used bottles - buy 75% of items second hand/Resale shops - donate all items I no longer need - use no pesticides - filter own drinking water  - buy items in glass vrs.plastic - art is all recyclable - offer recycle program for Smelly Jellies - 2 generations of cloth diapers - mulch - organic garden - compost - natural environment yard - all metal recycle - lawn art all recycled - do not water lawn - keep grass tall.......plus many more
You can find more from DeDa Studios here: 
slumped patron bottle: hanging wall art by DeDa Studios
Here is a little more about the glass process:
Debbie says, "I slump the bottle in a kiln. I have a energy effectient electric kiln that I use. I heat the bottles to around 1475 degrees.  It takes approx. 8 hours to slump a bottle.  I have a large kiln so that I can slump many bottles at one time.  Sometimes I use a mold to hold the bottle so that I can get a certain shape.  Examples: neck like a hook, neck upwards or downwards, bottle to make deep well in the middle, or more of a flatten look.  I also place the bottle directly on the kiln self to allow the bottle to form itself."

Find out how you can slump, too!

DeDa studios plays a weekly game called "Guess the Bottle" and has set up a special challenge for the Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, RECREATE webbernet event! 

Bottle was approx. 9 inches high. 
Please name the exact contents of the bottle. 
Name the exact contents not brand.

Comment below with up to 5 guesses, the winner will be chosen via Random.org from correct guesses. Guesses are only valid if posted on the Trashn2Tees blog. Winner receives the actual bottle pictured. Contest open to US/Canada/International
Contest open 4/4-4/11

Winner must be a follower of 
DeDa Studios  Blog  *or* DeDa Studios on Facebook
and a follower of the TrashN2tees.blog *or* Trashn2Tees on Facebook  

We have a TNT Earth Day Webbernet Green"Guess the Bottle" Contest
The contents of the bottle was

I picked a vinegar bottle because of the many uses that vinegar has.  I found a great website that has over 100 uses for vinegar. 
Please check out the site!

***** please email us at dedastudios@yahoo.com 

 Recycle. Reduce. Reuse. RECREATE!


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar


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