Fresh off the Scissors

When I first started TrashN2Tees (its been a while now) I had seen similar earrings to this and I thought that they were just brilliant. Just recently I revisited the earrings and noticed that they had a price tag, mucho out of my "really cool I'd like to have" pay range. Of course I can make my own, I have tons and tons of bitty baby size scrappits that can be used up for this project (I think I can completely reuse an entire tshirt.Entirely. I'm proud of that fact) Maybe you're wondering why I've been straying a little from new tshirt designs? I'll be hitting the local streets this summer with shows and festivals and I'd like to have some other items to offer. Don't worry I'm still snipping away on tees and mama skirts too!  I kicked around the idea of selling the earrings some more... and finally went ahead and listed a pair today. What do you think?

Check in TNTees on etsy for these and more upcycled/ recycled clothing and accessories.


  1. I love these and almost featured them in the treasury.

  2. Aww thanks Debra, maybe next time huh? Thanks for coming by the .blog


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