10 Ways to Reuse Plastic Eggs

Kara asks, "What can I do with these?"

1. I have limited storage space, so today I unloaded all of my eggs with a friend. (We hold annual egg hunts there for the boys so they'll be reused next year)
2. Try a Dinosaur Excavation eggs for a fun project and you can reuse your coffee for this project too! 
3. Give those little bitty small parts to board games(like Monopoly pieces: shoe, horse, etc.) a new egg home. Keeps them from getting lost.
4. Pack around some thread and a needle in one for a travel sewing kit.
5. Classroom & Party games! Use for color scavenger hunts, egg/spoon races, guess whats inside 
6. Noise makers/Rattles- Fill w/ beans, rice, or sand and glue or tape the egg shut. Or both. 
7. Stuff with potpourri and use as an air freshener. Either puncture holes in eggs or use eggs that already have small holes.
 9. Donate them to a church or community organization who hold annual hunts. 
10. Store craft beads snaps, buttons, or ribbon. Keep organized by color.
11. Keep necklaces from getting tangled by placing one in an egg. Great for travel!

Do you have a clever way you like to reuse your plastic eggs? Share it!


  1. Very timely! Just bagged up 42 of these last night!

  2. Another reader suggested making "word eggs" This is a very cool concept- http://leisurelanelegers.blogspot.com/2010/04/having-fun-reading-using-word-eggs.html

  3. Fun! We reuse ours year to year but they also make great rhythm instruments! Just fill with some dry rice or beans (glue closed if you are worried about small one eating any leaks) and shake away!


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