All Tied Up! Neck Tie Reusal

I have this great friend who has access to discarded clothing through her work- sure she could toss them in the dumpster (cringe) but she doesn't. Sure, she could drop loads off at the Goodwill, but she doesn't. Instead she hauls home truck loads of clothes to upcycle and gives me a call. (thanks!!) Just a few days ago she unloaded 50 pounds of ties on me. What on this green Earth am I going to do with so many ties? Well, my first thought was to contact a fellow Etsy Upcyclers team member- TearfulTouch.  She creates these cool two pouch wristlets perfect for carrying your gadgets on the go.
TearfulTouch on Etsy

After that- well I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Here are a couple ideas, if you too have ties that are tying you up.

Guitar Strap
Needlepointers suggests turning an old necktie into a guitar strap.  They warn that this will probably only work with smaller guitars. But why not banjos or ukuleles?

Make a Bag
Craftbits has a great article on how to make a bag out of neckties.

Heres what I made today.

Coming soon to TNTees on Etsy


  1. You could also look for schools that might be able to take them for their dress up area. You may have to alter them in some way now with the crazy strict rules some schools have...

  2. If you have a local Dress for Success chapter by you, they could probably use a few.

    I love the patterns on mens ties...I'd try to make a headband or scrunchie with them...key word "try".

  3. Those are some great ideas- I think I am going to try and take two ties and make myself a new camera strap. Wish me luck!

  4. Lots of crazy quilters use ties in quilts because alot of ties are silk.


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