Wine-os Rejoice and Reuse your corks.

I'm really trying to learn to appreciate a good wine. With that being said, the only way to find one I like is to drink up.  I've managed to collect a slew of different wine bottles (and corks) ranging from "blech!" to "okay- this is good after the second glass" I love the different colors and shapes of the bottles- and yes, I've bought wine only because the bottle was aesthetically pleasing! So here I am left with bottles and corks- and a headache the day after. Here are 10 ways I found to recreate with cork.
auroamae on etsy
  1. Make your next party fancy with wine cork place card holders! Just cut a small slit into each cork and slide the place card right in. Bonus points if the place cards are made from reused material, too. (cereal boxes?!)
  2. Scratch proof flowerpots Glue slices of cork to the bottom of your pots to keep from getting scratchy scratches and helps with drainage too!
  3. You can slice the cork into rounds that would work wonderfully as beads for a necklace, earrings, or  bracelet!
    betinaworks on etsy
  4. duh! make a cork board!
  5. Bust out the blender- Shred corks and use them in the garden as mulch
  6. Or- Sow a seed. Keep your green thumb clean and have even sowing holes and the same time.  The next time you are sowing seeds in the garden use a wine cork to create your small holes.  If you want to be faster attach several wine corks to a board spaced out according to your planting preferences.  Just flip the board over and press the corks lightly into the ground; lift and pop your seeds in all of your new holes.
  7. Corks make great stamps! Check out Elaine’s awesome cork stamps.
  8. Do you have a ton of old corks that need a new life? You can slice those suckers in half lengthwise and attach them to the wall along the floor or at waist height to make a cork chair rail!
  9. Pin cushion- stick it.
  10. Ooooh FIREEEE! suggests that you keep old corks in a sealed jar filled with alcohol.  When you are ready to light a fire, place a cork or two underneath your kindling and newspaper and light them with a match.
  11. Set down your wine, and pick up your needles- I found upcycled cork stitch stoppers from auroramae on etsy. (picture up top)
Please feel free to share your tips and ideas for reusing cork, suggest a good bottle of wine, or help me decide what to do w/ all these bottles!? Maybe I should send them to DeDa Studios?


  1. Love ALL these ideas!! So much so, I think I'll start buying wine.


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