Fresh off the Scissors

Celebrate mom this Mothers Day (or everyday!) with this Mom Power upcycled tshirt by Trashn2Tees. Each shirt is made using 100% reclaimed materials and by rockin recycled threads I hope we can encourage and inspire others to consume less and recycle more.

A mom of 2 myself, I love to wear my tshirt proudly- its a badge of honor (along with those stretch marks- this is one I don't mind sharing with the world!) Its great to wear with jeans, or here (in the pictures) I have it matched up with a funky floral skirt.

I do offer custom orders for Mom Power tees: Mom squared (for 2 kids), mom cubed (for 3 kids), mom to the 4th power (for 4 kids) etc. If there is not active listing, just convo me and we can set one up.


  1. I love the mom squared,cubed..heh heh.
    I hear Anthropologie knocking.


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