Reuse Challenge

Lets start small, no bells and whistles. No hot glue guns and glitter. Well... maybe there will be glue guns and glitter. Whether you are just starting to find out about sustainability or you've already gone green, I hope to encourage and support you as we explore different ways to save money and reduce the amount of trash thats being thrown away. If you look hard enough, there are a ton of things that come into our homes that we can reuse for multiple purposes! Your challenge today, if you choose to accept it: Comment and tell me how you would reuse one or all of the four items below-

Coffee Grinds 


Empty Glass Jars

Wine Corks

Do you have any other re-uses  you would like to share?


  1. I personally try to use reclaimed materials as much as I can in the things I make. One of my favorite ways to both save moneys and save sweaters from long slow deaths on the rack is by unraveling old sweaters from goodwill and crocheting or knitting them into wonderful new things like plush dinosaurs, octopi and coozies. You can see some of the the things I've made and the methods I use on my blog

    I LOVE your blog idea and will for sure be keeping up with all the creative reusing.

  2. I would reuse coffe grounds in garden/compost. Glass Jars are everywhere in my house holding various little items <3

  3. @FLNL&HNLY I love the Goodwill! I've seen yarn from sweater deconstruction on etsy but I haven't tried it myself yet- Congratulations on the new digs and wishing you tons of luck here in Kentucky.

    @Anonymous another great use for coffee grinds
    Closet deodorizer: Old pantyhose plus coffee grounds equals a sachet to keep your closet free of odors. Thanks so much for taking a moment to tell me how you reuse jars and coffee!

  4. I have reused glass jars to make party gifts :D

  5. Coffee Grinds for my garden, Nylons- my mom always hung onions in them, I Have never tired it, but if I had nylons I may try it. Glass jars I reuse to store my homemade dressings, yogurt, or use for gifts for bath salts, baking mixes, spices rubs etc. I cover the top with fabric or scrap book paper, I am currently saving corks to make a fun funky cork board, so it would go in my pile for that.

  6. @HalfDozen- I shared your glass jar tutorial on facebook Thanks for sharing!

  7. @Alisha- Sorry I didn't see your response earlier, I think a lot of people know about the grinds in your garden- but keep your eyes out for a post later this week with tons more uses for your coffee!

  8. The coffee would def. go in my garden. The nylons - I save for making my wool dryer balls with but unfortunately after that they are sorta chopped up and useless. The corks - sometimes I stick pins in them when I'm sewing. And the jars... I save some for storage, others I plant seedlings in, and freecycle the rest. I admit that my jar reusing could probably be better.

  9. I have this black tea kettle I think would look so awesome as a planter--with pansies or some sort of short flowers like that. I also had this huge round plastic bucket that had a hole in it that I thought would also be great as a planter, but decided on a bucket for my shoes instead.


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